Our Identity

Not every trade or occupation is a profession.

But we all know that lawyering is a profession—it is founded upon specialized education, regulated by the State, intended to provide counsel and service, and commensurate to the latter, there is corresponding compensation apart from the expectation of other business gain. But this is textbook.

To us, the key to understanding our profession is to know what the root concept—profess—means to us. So we asked: What do we profess? Upon what principles do we affirm our vocation? What do we declare to the universe?

We say that we are a synthesis of traditions.

As we find ourselves at that interesting point in our careers where we can already claim experience, while youth and idealism have not been lost on us, we apply innovation to established concepts. We are users of the latest technology but always keeping in mind those majestic principles of law learned in the history-steeped halls of our respective alma mater. We successfully blend the old and the new schools, the conventional and the unconventional, and if necessary, the thesis and the anti-thesis, to produce a distinctive solution.

It is not only that we can think out-of-the-box (the offshoot of creativity), the equally important trait is knowing when to do so (the function of experience).

This is the environmental context when we sit down with you for a consultation. You are secure in the thought that a problem is analyzed with an open mind, approached and proposed to be solved applying various perspectives and managed with an advocate’s traditional zeal.

For this kind of commitment, we are firm.

And this is our Firm’s commitment.

Our Origin, Our Bond

MRPP Law is a young law firm if only because it was organized early in 2014. However, its lawyers, prior to putting up their collective experience and expertise together, individually established themselves already in their respective fields of legal specialization.

There is a nicer story behind the Firm’s SEC registration and that is the one which begins with the protest and activism of its Of Counsel, to the different motivations of its Partners for taking up law, to ultimately deciding to get together because the stars seem to have aligned. It is a story of the fulfilled dreams of parents, of success after sacrifice, of destiny forcing its will.

But before the partnership there was friendship. The bonds existed way before the first client was accepted. The Firm is more than a business. It is not merely a synergy of minds but a blend of honest relations. We believe that makes for the strongest of foundations.

Our Drive

A client once said that we lawyers are like taxi drivers. What he exactly meant by the analogy has been forgotten. Maybe it had something to do with us already on the road very early in the morning to be on time for a hearing, or maybe it is the way we fix charges like a meter based on service time spent.

Said in jest but somehow there is more than a grain of truth behind it. Indeed, like a dependable driver, we take you to your destination—your legal purpose, in a manner of speaking—with care and competence.

And while attending to your needs, we hum our daily mantra, like ambient music from a car stereo—

Masterful in our field.

Responsive to clients’ needs.

Progressive in approach.

Principled in law.

This is what drives us.